COVID-19 changes the way people communicate to implement physical distancing health protocol. Working, studying, doing hobbies and staying in touch are now done from home through electronic devices.

This situation requires telecommunication sectors to actively improve its network and services. This situation is a challenge for POCA to take part in contributing to society in accordance with its parts. Answering the desire to participate, POCA takes part to work in red zone area. By complying the health protocol, we set regulation, equipment and team so that they can continue to work safely in this pandemic situation.

It is a pride for POCA to be able to take part in supporting the community so that they can continue their activities and stay at home.

Not all heroes wear capes.
Some of them wear safety equipment. Climb up on telecommunication tower. Keep you safe communicating from home.

POCA Central Java Team:

“We take part to work on SKH743 site.

As humans, at the beginning we were assigned to work in the red zone area, of course we were worried.

But behind all that, we get good support from the company (POCA) and Huawei. Before doing work, we are provided with PPE and instructions to protect ourselves and those around us while working.

This feeling of security and protection inspires us to continue to benefit the community. We are aware that at this time the community is difficult to meet in person because of physical distancing. Telecommunications facilities are very important to everyone.”

– POCA Central Java team.



POCA East Java Team:

“Getting assignment in the hospital area during COVID-19 pandemic gave us a special experience. Although we have to use complete PPE that makes our movements not as free as usual, we understand this is for the safety of our team and the people around us. Even though we have to take more time at work because of this not-free-movement, we consider this as a new challenge.

Thanks to Huawei for assigning as many assignment as usual. We don’t need to lose our jobs like some other people experienced during COVID-19 pandemic. We will show this gratitude by always maintaining and increasing productivity and quality of our work.”

– POCA East Java team.